September 6, 2018

I have a great new book (to some old) for you to read! Yep, I wrote this book and yes, it can help you! Maybe some of you have it together and that is a great thing but those of you that don't ask yourself "Am I doing things right" or "being the way I was meant to be? If you have a doubt in your mind then reading my book will help you. I know that it it is a honest and straight forward book. I have been through so many trials and have overcome so much in such a little time (by me). Whether you have a great job, wonderful family or other things you never really know. Get the book and check out what I mean. I put everything that I went through, how I changed. I also put what you can do, how to do it, working out for you and even answers for you to write in the book. Get the book and Kindle app to read it!!! 

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March 25, 2017

Ha, Ha finally I am able to log in! I have great news, spoke to two authors and will be interviewing them hopefully very soon and placing their books in my book club. I have been coming across so many great books on Amazon. I must admit there are so many wonderful authors, I think that is why I read more than I write. I really like using Prime because I get to read books free. Don't get me wrong I pay for books also, I like supporting other authors writings and ideas. I hope that you enjoyed this blog information and will come back again! Oh, before I forget I am writing another book but it is horror :-)   Info at my new blog on my website: Author Arlene Brown Website Blog

May 9, 2016

Yep, It is me!!! I have a few great authors that I think you will like and I am going to post them this week. I know seems like I was gone but I was locked out (LOL) and now I am back. Also have great news for authors that need a place to speak, show and sell their books to live readers. Come back soon for the details!

November 15, 2013

Author Bill Farr

Author Bill Farr is
relationship and wellness coach and has been teaching meditation and more to couples for over 10 years.  I met Bill on Linkedin of course and he is one of my connections but more than that he is a person that you are glad to call "A Friend".  Bill does in fact does meditation and offer to teach me which is up my alley because I already do meditation.  He has videos on his website for his book and meditation.  His book is called, “The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships.” and it is a wonderful book that explores so much about human relationship from a what I can and alternate view, not so much regular as what people commonly say about relationships.
Bill makes a point of having you understand that relationships do work but it depends on what you think, understand, expect and give to it.  Most importantly the who, what and why of the relationship is really important.  Bill is straight to the point, clear, understanding of human nature and most of all making his books more about the couples that he tries to help more than profit!  Check out and purchase his book at:

You can listen to his interviews here:

You can see more info and a video introduction of his book on his website here:

July 26, 2013

Author Chioma Nnani: Forever There for You

Author Chioma Nnani  is a great writer whom I met online, she was born in Nigeria and studied Law at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Chioma caught me by surprise because she writes in so many different ways about all kinds of subjects that are both real life and fictional.  She takes so much to pen what she has seen, done and heard about in her everyday life.  I can say that she dwells into the who, what, where and when of everything that she she decides to write.  To me being a regular writer is a huge deal but Chioma is also a Ghost Writer for others.  From what I understood in our conversation on Blog Talk Radio    ( Interview with Chioma ).  Chioma makes sure that she understands the person's personality, what they are trying to fully express to their readers and putting their words exactly as they state them which is hard especially if they aren't that good at wording their thoughts.

Chioma's book "Forever There For You" is a book that makes you think hard about life and the choices that you make on a day to day basis.  The main character Nadine goes through more than the reasonable ups and downs and tries to figure out the why and how to deal with things. It's emotional to say the least and touches the heart.  If you are a woman then you start to think about your own strengths and weaknesses. You can read here writings in her blog ( Love Notes ) which there is a favorite of mine called "Triple R Series" and you should check it out as well. You can find her book"Forever There For You" at - Amazon

July 12, 2013

Author Gwendolyn D. Adams-Evans: A Winter Without a Coat: The Cassie Johnson Story

My friend Author Gwen D. Adams-Evans ( is a Freelance Writer/Playwright, Published Author, Movie Extra Actress and Poet who writes lyrics and producers her own plays.  She is a member of the International Screen Writers Association, American Cancer Society, Diabetes Association, Seti@home project with the university of Berkeley, (Berkeley, C.A.), Saint Joseph's Indian School, M.A.D.D., A.I.M. (Russell Means), Writers Guild of America, West Inc., BMI, American Biographical Institute and a published poet with, The American Poetry Anthology, B.M.I. (lyricist) and Quill Books. 

Gwen's Books: Delores 2005, A Winter Without A Coat: The Cassie Johnson Story and Jobleen: A Woman of Strength are all very good and comes for the heart of the Gwen.  Each book has a different take on life and how we deal with it.  So many of the characters come close to people I have know or know now and wish I could help them.  Gwen allows you to see through her pen to paper that life is hard and there are times when you need willpower and faith if you are going to make it through even one day.  Moment by moment in the way that Gwen puts it you have to find the natural strength inside you if you are going to make a change or overcome the worst that can happen to a human.  All in all I believe that to understand what I am talking about is to read one of her books at her Amazon Author Page

The interview I did with Gwen: Speaking with Gwen

Gwen is also a Talk Show Host on the Arlene Brown TV Network and her show is truly worth seeing Dreams Can Become Realities is a show that has heart, love, understanding and REAL people whose stories are down to earth as is Gwen herself.   

Author Sue Plumtree: DANCING WITH THE MASK: Learning to love and be loved

I met my friend Author Sue Plumtree (The Life Enhancing Coach) online and the word EXCITING describes her personality! Sue has been through a great deal of ups and downs and she has found ways to do more than just cope with what she has been dealt with in life.  Her views in her Free Ebook: The 10 Principles to Standing Tall in the World are amazing and can change the way you feel about yourself and your life.  I downloaded the Ebook and I receive email updates from her in an ongoing "Help" type of way.  She helps people with their retirement decisions and has events/workshops that you can attend - .  You can learn a great deal even if you get her FREE EBook and browse threw it I can promise you that.

Her new book DANCING WITH THE MASK: Learning to love and be loved you can purchase on her website.  I have done many interviews with Sue - Interview with Sue  If you are looking for a change please go to her site and check it out. Get her FREE EBook you can't go wrong!

Sue is also a Talk Show Host on the Arlene Brown TV Network and her show is truly worth seeing.  Sue Plumtree, the Life Enhancing Coach is a show that has deals with who you are, what you want in life and how you can change to get it.